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Chris LuiseGroup President New Charter Technologies

Christopher J. Luise co-founded ADNET Technologies in 1991 with Edward Laprade. As CEO of ADNET, Luise is responsible for the strategic vision of the organization. His vision, combined with a unique background in IT strategy, marketing and organizational development has driven success and sustained growth at ADNET Technologies. Under his leadership, ADNET has grown over 300%, been recognized as one of the top MSPs worldwide and developed an award-winning employment culture.

Luise leverages more than 30 years of experience and proven leadership in global business and IT operations. Throughout his career, he has focused on developing progressive service models and engaging successful new business opportunities.

Within the New Charter Technologies platform, Luise serves as group president, helping define benchmarks and strategies for excellence across the business, facilitating the sharing of best practices and knowledge, and creating growth opportunities for partner organizations. He strives to create a collaborative environment that encourages team members to learn from each other and apply best-in-class approaches to their local markets.